Accounting services for the Shoalhaven and beyond

We’re all about the basics for business and personal finance record-keeping. We’re here to provide the A-B-Cs of financial reporting essentials.

Accounting — Bookkeeping — Cashflow support

Simple, right? Hardly.
We know. We see people and small business owners every day who say ‘Help me!’ So that’s what we do. From simple, regular bookkeeping needs to more complex income statements, here’s how we help…


It costs you nothing to call and have a chat to talk about your needs. We are happy to walk you through the paperwork jungle to make Tax Time or Cashflow Management more effective and efficient.

Take the first step and send us a note in an email or from our Contact form.

Where we’ve been


Yes, I started on the ground floor of bookkeeping over 25 years ago. Thing is, numbers don’t count until they matter. They matter to me. Since getting my Accounting qualification 18 years ago I’ve kept up with all the changes and helped small business make the most of their assets and obligations. After working for Cheryl L Young and Associates as a bookkeeper, I learned the ropes and started my Advanced Diploma in Accounting in 1992 taking awhile to complete (having kids and all)  in 1999 at Nowra TAFE.

I started working for myself in 2006 as Deidre Jackson Accounting and gained a good reputation as a happy, helpful, hopeful professional accountant to make life easier when it comes to financial paperwork and accountability for individuals and businesses alike.

Since then clients keep coming back. I focus on ways to help you through the maze of everyday financial record-keeping. Software is a big help. So is a good understanding of what matters and what you can do to keep an even keel on your paperwork.

Where we’re going


With more and more clients came more responsibility. While I welcomed the growth in success, I had to find ways to juggle good service with good business --not to mention a family life. And with clients all around Australia but the majority of business from the Shoalhaven region, I had to make a plan to grow, to serve, to help.

So here we are: A new exciting business, rebranded as Essentially Accounting. I’ve brought on excellent colleagues (including my former employer Cheryl Hopkins) for support and expanded my service offerings for business and personal accounting as well as being a Tax Agent for business, companies, super funds and personal returns. We do BAS and IAS as well as all aspects of accounting management including software training.

Get to know us. We’re easy to talk to, nice to work with and good at what we do without all the mumbo-jumbo. We’re somewhere between the big, fancy accounting firms or franchises you find when you search ‘Accounting SMB’ and your Uncle Harry who’s happy to do your tax returns or regular business bookwork. In a nutshell, it’s up to you. It’s your money. What you do with it is your call so be aware it makes sense to keep track of it regularly. We can help.

Here we are! Meet the team...


“You don’t buy a car without having a go. Same for business accounting... Come give us a Test Drive!”

You may already know me. I’m Deidre from Deidre Jackson Accounting for the past 12 years. Times change and so did I. It makes sense to grow so I invite you to try our business Essentially Accounting. It’s all about making your business income and financial obligations run smoothly. I know. I manage financials for three small businesses of my own.

25 years in practice, I’ve kept up with all the changes. The Shoalhaven region has grown and so has my work with business and personal accounting. Along the way I’ve kept up with clients wherever they go across Australia or overseas and manage their business and personal income reporting obligations on a regular basis.

All this doesn’t leave me much spare time but I love it --and love sharing time with husband Richard (also a business owner and popular auto mechanic right next door) and our three wonderful children, Colin, Bridie and Kate. We pack in a lot of fun on weekends, trips away and family outings. Believe it or not, Richard and I take our motorbikes out as often as we can Sunday mornings for ‘Quiet Time.’ If you’re a parent with teens, you’ll get it.

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I also run another business as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. These products changed my life and helped my 9yo daughter overcome her crippling anxiety. They are beautiful essential oils recognised for therapeutic qualities to promote wellness. The company sets an exceptionally high standard for humanitarian practices and doing social and economic good the world over.

As for the wonderful aromas coming from my office?… Yes, they’re my own blend of essential oils for calm and clarity. See my doTERRA web page or ask me about how oils could enhance your life the next time you visit.

MEGHAN DE PAOLI, Accountant, Tax Agent, DA

“Small business owners have a lot to gain from good accounting practices. Let’s work together to help that happen.”

Hello everyone. I’m Meghan, working alongside Deidre since 2013 and having a great time with a variety of clients. My focus is to help small business grow, so I always stay on top of requirements and opportunities to improve cashflow and manage business finances. Working with Deidre ticks all my boxes.

It wasn’t always roses --like while I was studying and working full time between 2006-07. I completed my Diploma in Accounting in 2007 from TAFE Illawarra Shoalhaven campus and use every bit of my knowledge gained in studies as well as from working in various admin and accounts roles.

When I’m not at the office, I like to go bushwalking, explore new places, take my fur baby Rufus for walks to the beach, and chill with family and friends. And whenever the Red Cross comes to town, you’ll find me donating blood because it's important to the community. Otherwise for me-time, I like training for events such as Tough Mudder!


“Problem-solving is in my DNA. Doesn't matter how sticky or complicated it is, I'll do whatever I can to get your issues sorted."

I'm Suzanne and was happy to join the team here in 2018. My background has been working with Southtax and Deidre over the last 10 years. I recently got my Cert 3 in Business Administration and am a whiz-kid with a spreadsheet. I'm also a good problem-solver when it comes to any questions or processes with the ATO.

Most weekends you'll find me bush walking along the South Coast and National Parks with my partner and our puppy dogs.

CHERYL HOPKINS, Accountant, Tax Agent, ADA, ATMA

“I’ve been working in accounting on adding machines, calculators and now computers. In the end, the numbers are still the same.”

Hi, I’m Cheryl, a practicing accountant for over 32 years. I operated my own Shoalhaven accounting practice --Cheryl L Young & Associates -- from 1985 until 2012. After building a thriving practice in Nowra, I decided to sell due to a major change in my life. That happened when I became Guardian and carer of my grandson Liam who has severe Cerebral Palsy.

From 1991 until 2006 Deidre worked as an associate accountant in my practice, so now the tables have turned. Over the last few years working with Deidre has fitted in well with my family obligations. I’m happy that so many of my friends and family business owners have kept in touch with me and offered their support during my work-life transitions.

I love what I do in accounting for local business and people --and now I love it even more as a part time job. Deidre has been flexible with my business hours. So you’ll usually find me in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays 10am to 4pm.